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Pregnancy Chiropractic in San Antonio

We love caring for our pregnant patients at Authority Chiropractic because it’s rewarding to be part of this exciting time and to help moms feel their best while their bodies are growing a whole new human being.

Consistency Is Key

Your body goes through an incredible number of very rapid changes-physically, hormonally and emotionally-during pregnancy, and all this change can cause stress on your body. This stress can result in subluxations that interfere with proper nervous system function.

Consistent chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy keeps your nervous system functioning properly, which can improve your coordination, strength, flexibility and balance, all of which are essential in easing the physical strain of carrying your baby. Proper spinal alignment is also important in reducing the pain and discomfort of pregnancy.

Research shows that consistent chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy can reduce labor pain and delivery time by up to 60%. After delivery, chiropractic care can help restore energy and normal pelvic alignment by removing interferences in the nervous system.

Safe and Gentle Adjustments

Some moms-to-be are nervous about receiving chiropractic care while they’re pregnant, but we are able to reassure them with research and evidence that conclusively demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care. We are always dedicated to educating our patients so they are able to make the best, most informed decisions about their health.

We use the Torque Release Technique for our pregnant patients because it’s extremely gentle and specific, targeting exactly the area of misalignment with no cracking, twisting or popping. And we never do anything that moves the baby-we simply remove interference in the nervous system, allowing your body to function optimally so there is plenty of space for your baby to grow.

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When your body is functioning properly, you feel better and can enjoy this very special time even more. We would love to help you optimize your health during pregnancy! Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.


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